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Does tesco offer 3 months car insurance for additional driver?

I am trying to get insured on my dad's car. His insurance year ends in September but I want to get insured now as an additional driver. Does anyone know if that's possible? If so are they going to charge any extra for getting insured for 3 months only?
What about 3 months insurance only? That was my main question which wasn't answered.

autoinsurance.undonet.com - try this one. I have their car insurance and, as I know, they can provide such a service.


I see on the Batavian ( Internet news) that the Bed Bath and Beyond store is closed due to a fire.  It started in the bedding department and that stuff is stacked to the ceiling.  Five or six fire departments were called.  The fire envoled to the Petco Store next to it so that is closed also.  And, the fire hydrants were froze shut!!!!  I guess they had a heck of a time.   Bob has a doctors appointment in Lockport today.  He is going to ask for a change to his meds;  hopefully get the brands that have zero co-pay with the newly signed up insurance company.  I'm not going in this cold.  Following that, he will drive back to Batavia and stop at the dentist for yet another adjustment.   My two cents: with breakfast I was watching the news and the Weather Channel was defending itself as to the storm warnings given for the Atlanta area.  The mayor there must have wanted the time and location of storm instead of the 3 day warnings.